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    If you would like to put together a bag of toiletries for Share the Dignity, here are a couple of ideas for things that you might like to include.

Eenie, Meany, Miney, Mo

  • Which needle should l use?
    We stock a range of Jeana Kimball needles,her description will tell you which one you should be using.

How to measure Ric Rac.....

  • The question on everyone's lips.....
    I love ric rac and sell it in all colours and sizes, my fav would have to be the linen ric rac. Have never known how you measure the width of the different ric racs until now.

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    Great to use when doing embroidery, simply run through your printer, press onto your background fabric and start stitching. Then simply remove by submerging in warm water, agitate for 2 - 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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    There is so much you can do with Pre Cuts.

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    We have found these great for tracing stitcheries and marking out quilting patterns.

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    See how easy it is to make metres of bias in no time. If you decide you need one visit , look in the haberdashery section.

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    Here's an info sheet from Viv sharing a little about Raw Edge Machine Appliqué, tracing, binding, using a hoop and a little about threads. Hope you find it helpful.

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August 21, 2008



Yay!! Another cyber stitching day ... sounds wonderful. I just love Viv's work. Will have to organise the girls together and see if Amanda wants to host again. Cheers Sue


Hi Karen, Sue emailed me about this now I find out I am hosting again lol. Might have to wait a week or so to register been hitting the plastic a bit much lately but i am sure we can round up a few for afternoon tea.


Hi Karen, of course count me in and I'll round up my girls again.....we are bigger and better this time. We ended up donating just over $100 to Breast Cancer Research last time with only eight ladies. The sky is the limit this time!! We even have a raffle quilt which will be finished this weekend and then up on my blog!!

Amanda Ryan

I really shouldn't, I've got so much planned already, but I can't resist, so sign me up please Karen.


Have been waiting...:o)

Sign me up for cyber stitching day!!!


Hi Karen...can you please add me to the list..Ive invited myself to Amandas...she said that she has room in her nest for this little bird...thanks Julie


Of course I will join your cyberstitching..
Sign me up...


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  • January and February .....
    The holidays are done and dusted, Sewing Circles start on the 16th, welcome back. It's going to be a ripper year, l can feel it in my waters!