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January 23, 2013


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Lynda Bosworth

So do you mean if I had a stack of patterns I had used once, and needed to make room so I listed them on want to know if I am breaching the copyright of the person who produced the pattern??


Oh good question Karen, I have wondered about that myself.because what do you do with patterns, especially blocks of the month, when you are finished with them. If you give them to the op shop they are going to sell them anyway. And you would hardly just throw them away!!


As long as you are not keeping a copy (as tht is clearly a breach) then I think it would be fine ?


Not sure if these sites help or confuse. I got confused!


I read Glenys links and my understanding is only if you copied them and on sold the copies. Selling the original especially if it is a couple of years old does not breach copyright. Well I hope this is right cause I've run out of room for new patterns. Lol


If you sell a pattern and have not made copies then you are doing no less than a store who sells the pattern. The breach would come if you made copies and sold the pattern for profit. Sometimes I sell my patterns after I have used them or trade them for new to me patterns.

Jo Vuat

Several years ago I do know that quite a few designers stated on their patterns that the pattern could not be resold. I thought this covered the copyright and the designer as this is their livelihood.

June Carnes

There is a website which explains exactly what you are asking. Go to
There is even the question, Can I sell a pattern thta I purchased. This should help you.

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